he wireless sector of the communication industry has grown rapidly over the past decade with no end in sight. Wireless communication carriers provide telephone, Internet, data and other service through the transmission of signals over networks and radio towers. This makes it possible for people to use their cellular phones to receive, interpret, and send information.

New technology in the wireless sector allows wireless communication carriers to deploy new technologies to provide faster data transmission as well as better Internet access. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology provides extremely high performance radio-access technology that offers full vehicular speed mobility and can co-exist with former networks. In addition, as the use of mobile technology increases, wireless companies continue to develop the next generation of technologies that will allow even faster transmission.

The modern age communications system is operated with fiber optics. Optics fibers are physically much smaller than competing technologies but offer a drastic increase in data capacity. Crosstalk (unwanted signals) is not an issue when using fiber optics, which means that several hundred of them can be easily bundled together into a single cable. This leads to a more efficient form of communications while being more economically sensible.

DCSI provides services for the most current wireless technologies that include:

  • LTE General Contracting – included but not limited to:
  • Full Turnkey Wireless Services
  • Turnkey Site Development
  • Site Acquisitions
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Battery and Hazardous Material Removal (where applies)
  • Full Turnkey Installation of CDMA and GSM Equipment, Testing, and Certification
  • Installation of Carrier EVDO Equipment
  • Installation of Ethernet Back Haul
  • Installation of Complete Cell Site Equipment to the Antenna
  • Tower Installation, Maintenance, and Complete Tower Upgrades
  • Equipment-Trained and Qualified Technicians

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