Bringing the Wireless Indoors

Our clients want their wireless devices and services to work anywhere at any time. It is estimated that 80% of cellular phone calls begin or end inside a building. Getting reliable coverage indoors is at best an effort and not very reliable. Buildings are not very user friendly. They absorb radio signals as they pass through.

A distributed antenna system (or in-building wireless solution) uses equipment to distribute wireless signals throughout a facility. The antennas receive and radiate coverage for use by the end user. We deploy best-in-class products from leading industry vendors.

How important is having your laptop, cell phone, and other applications work inside without being tethered to your desk or sitting near a window? If your goal is to conduct business more efficiently, increase access to resources campus-wide or enhancing the clients experience, in-building wireless solutions is a must have in today’s fast paced world.

To some, ‘wireless’ equates to Wi-Fi enabled laptops, but it’s much more than that. Wireless voice, Internet and e-mail access is an important part of your business infrastructure. The world today relies on mobile and smart phones, PDA’s, and two-way radios to communicate. Your staff, customers, or guests need ALL these wireless tools to work – especially indoors!

In-Building Wireless

At DCSI we have the right resources, tools, and expertise to design, engineer and implement in-building wireless solutions. We will work with your staff to provide a comprehensive design solution to integrate a WLAN system into your new or existing building.  Our experts integrate both the technical and business facets of your application. We consider the architectural and environmental aspects of your facilities in order to maximize coverage and reliability while reducing potential interference.

DCSI’s wireless integration and deployment services include:

  • Site survey
  • Site design and engineering
  • Site construction
  • Equipment installation
  • Commissioning
  • Site acceptance testing
  • Integrated project/program management
  • Tower construction

In 2009, the fire code was updated with the enactment of IFC 510. The code provides suggested jurisdictional guidelines regarding emergency responder radio coverage. Some important IFC suggested requirements are:

  • All new buildings should have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building.
  • Radio signal strength requirements must be met in 95% of all areas on each floor of the building.
  • All existing buildings should have radio coverage throughout the building and are required to retrofit the building with radio coverage if the existing wired system is not able to be repaired or is being replaced; or per a timeline as identified by jurisdiction.


Many jurisdictions have already adopted and begun enforcement of IFC 510. We are knowledgeable and stay apprised of updated codes and requirements.

Wireless technology is constantly changing. DCSI helps our clients grow and adapt with those changes. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle any type of deployment project in any spectrum for current services or in next generation multiservice networks.



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