Digital’s approach to business is to be as flexible as possible on vendor solutions, keep our overhead to a minimum and not create something that already exists, whether product or services.

    One of the ways that we are approaching business is through the Alliance Business Partner Program. Alliance Business Partners are companies that we have reciprocating agreements with and lead by visionaries and offer critical components. They understand and embrace our vision and mission.
    The second component of our business model is Sub Contractor Partnerships. These are companies that are typically small and geographically located. We partner with these smaller companies to provide labor for installations and to reduce overall costs.
The third piece is to partner, when opportunity presents itself, with major companies and integrators, Primes. The majority of these opportunities will be with the state, local, and government procurements. Another sector of the Primes is the major carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, America Movil, TelmexOi, Embratel, Telefonica Brazil, Vivo, TIM, and Clara. Partnerships vary with opportunity.

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