President’s Advisory Board

Scott Blacklin: Principal of Blacklin Associates, LLC

Blacklin Associates, LLC is a boutique international consulting firm serving companies seeking sustainable growth in the global market. Based in Washington, the firm specializes in emerging markets opportunities and has particular expertise in harnessing U.S. and international development resources to achieve customer intimacy and impact.

Mr. Blacklin has over 35-years’ experience in international trade and development. He has deep familiarity with U.S. and international development funding and financing, global sales and market entry programs that can be realized at marginal cost.

Building upon his experience as VP, Emerging Markets Public Sector – Cisco Systems; Director, International Cellular Infrastructure Group – Motorola; and VP, Russia/CIS – Westinghouse Electric Company, Mr. Blacklin provides expertise in how to build programs that are sustainable and scalable, with clearly defined performance metrics.

Mohammad Nezarati: CEO/CTO of Esna Technologies Inc.

Esnatech simplifies modern communications with its award-winning technology. Simple, easy to access all of your communications from any device or business application! No costly hardware upgrades, no new learning curve for your staff – just simple and easy access to communicate and collaborate.

Mr. Nezarati founded Esnatech in 1989 to deliver voice-applications to enterprise customers. In this role, Mohammad oversees Esnatech’s strategic direction, focusing on unified communications and cloud-based enterprises. Under his leadership Esnatech addresses multiple customer segments in over 30 countries globally. He was the primary architect and developer of the company’s original platform and market leading solution Office LinX™.

Mr. Nezarati was honored with the Canadian CTI Pioneer award for his experience in the messaging and communications industry, spanning over 20 years. Under his leadership, Esnatech has experienced tremendous growth in market share and has established broad distribution channels including major phone and data networking vendors.

Phillip Maguire: President of Phoneware Limited

Phoneware limited is a telecommunications software development company established in 1995, whose client list includes Government Departments, Government Agencies, Military, Universities, Healthcare, SME and Fortune 500 companies. Phoneware’s products are widely recognized as the easiest to use, most feature-rich of their kind, with real-time seamless integration between products. Phoneware’s products are complemented by its highly acclaimed technical support services.

Mr. Maguire has led Phoneware in securing major Federal government opportunities in partnership with Avaya. An Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kennedy said: “The success of Irish companies, like Phoneware, in competitive markets and high tech sector’s is a testament to our ability to win business anywhere in the world with innovative products and services.” Under Mr. Maguire’s leadership Phoneware has also developed applications for Apple’s iPhone/iTouch devices.

Jonathan ERG Adams: President of Adams Global Enterprises

Jonathan Adams is a results driven Solution Selling® expert with competency in complex software, hardware and service sales, and a specialized focus on healthcare IT. As an inventor, entrepreneur and sales leader over the past 20 years, he has consistently delivered sustainable increased revenues, profit growth, and market-share increases for ADC Telecommunications, Acterna, Network Audit Services, AiRISTA and Adams Global Enterprises, while compelling sales in South America, state, local and Federal government, including Department of Defense and civilian agencies. His strengths are business process improvement, project oversight, customer communication, analytical troubleshooting, and leadership practices combined with a dogged commitment to providing the highest level of customer service.

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