DCSI’s Diversity Inclusion Strategy

Digital Comm Services Inc. adheres to a 20% diversity policy to partner with companies to promote:

  • Minority Business Enterprise
  • Women Business Enterprise
  • Disabled Veterans Enterprise Programs

In collaboration with our partners, our mutual goal is to expand contract opportunities for diverse businesses.

The DCSI Diversity Inclusion Strategy charges us to:

  • Build accountability for diversion and inclusion throughout the organization.
  • Recruit, retain, and develop talented people and choose partners with the same goals.
  • Drive understanding, education, and awareness.
  • Create the environment.

Expansion of the Diversity Program

Our diversity program compels us to learn more about the experiences of others and expand our own understanding of the issues around creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We utilize training sessions, custom-designed workshops, guest speakers, and community-sponsored diversity programs to expand our knowledge.

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